About us

Built to perform

The Roberine cylinder and flail mowers are developed for and by professionals. Experienced engineers drew the design; driven craftsmen ensure the highest quality of the construction and drive. A leading design agency was asked to develop the styling of the machine. Roberine is the standard in the market with the Roberine F3 mower and the Roberine R3 cage mower because of this drive and professionalism.

The starting point of the design was to develop a machine that would surpass any other mower. Roberine had to become the new norm in every field. From reliability to durability; From ergonomics to maintenance and from performance to cost per square metre. And it worked! Each Roberine is built to perform the best in every way.

To market a global product requires more than a good design, timeless design and a reliable machine. Roberine is sold by a strictly selected group of dealers in Europe. Professionals who believe in the brand and our products.